About Me

Hi! I'm Courtney, and I am a writer. I wrote my first novel on the coast of Australia in 2010. I was supposed to be working; I sat in the sand and wrote instead. 

When I came back home to Canada, I launched an Indiegogo campaign (complete with mortifying homemade video) to hire a graphic designer and an editor to help me wield my massive beast into something more tame.

Once, We Were Stolen is the result. It was my very first creative passion project. And even though it's been many years now, and even though some of the writing makes me cringe because I'd have written it so differently today, I'm still proud of myself for seeing it through.

Since then, I've published multiple poetry anthologies, often with my creative partner Mariel van de Loo. Keep an eye on this site for future creative projects and collaborations!

Thanks for reading!